Miller-Motte College and Miller-Motte Technical College include 11 campuses spread across six different states: North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. Miller-Motte belongs to an even larger family of schools under Ancora Education.

Our first campus was established in 1916 in the city of Wilmington, NC. We began as a training school founded by Judge Leon Motte who wanted to provide the legal community with a small training center for courtroom stenographers, someone who takes notes during a court case using shorthand.

Eventually, the school relocated across the street from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington when Richard and Sharon Craig acquired the school. In the late 1980s, Miller-Motte expanded by opening a branch in Clarksville, TN which eventually became Miller-Motte’s primary campus. 

During the same time period, Marjorie Green Phillips established the Phillips Secretarial School in Lynchburg, VA. Soon the school merged with the existing Virginia Commercial College in 1954 and became Phillips Business College. Miller-Motte schools happily announced an addition to the family when they purchased Phillips Business College in the late 1980s.

Then, in 1998, Miller-Motte schools joined the larger family of Delta Educational Systems, Inc., which later changed its name to Delta Career Education Corporation in 2006. Once joining the Delta family of schools, Miller-Motte opened a number of new locations and now consists of 17 campuses. In the last several years, with increased demand for distance learning, we began designing and offering several online degree programs only available at Miller-Motte College Wilmington.

Over the past century we’ve been dedicated to helping students become professionals. We obtained national accreditation and hired qualified instructors–all to help you find a new career. We have gained a reputation for excellence and established professional relationships with hundreds of local business and organizations.

In January 2018, STVT-AAI Education Inc. dba Ancora Education acquired the Miller-Motte College and Miller-Motte Technical College in Cary, NC, Fayetteville, NC, Jacksonville, NC, Raleigh, NC, Wilmington, NC, Augusta, GA, Columbus, GA, Macon, GA, Charleston, SC, Conway, SC, and Chattanooga, TN. As part of the acquisition the schools became accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), as branch campuses of Platt College in Tulsa, OK.

We are one of the leader's in education with campuses and facilities to match the high-tech and fast-paced nature of the job market. Our programs and our instructors reflect our high standards of education and job placement. We continue to dedicate our efforts to helping people gain a quality education and launch successful careers.