Exciting Externship Courses at Miller-Motte

For most programs when you work towards your degree, diploma or certificate at Miller-Motte, you will have the opportunity to participate in one of our externship courses. Having an externship on your resume will help you become a stronger job candidate.

What Is an Externship*?

During your education, you will learn the concepts and skills required to earn your degree, diploma or certificate. An externship is where you take that knowledge and apply it in a real-world environment. You will learn on-the-job, under the supervision of an experienced professional who will guide your professional development.

Here at Miller-Motte, we understand not every student learns and absorbs knowledge in the same way. With an externship course, students who learn more actively can enhance their knowledge and understanding. 

What Types of Externships Does Miller-Motte Offer?

We have been serving the community and students like you for over 100 years and have built professional relationships with many local businesses and organizations. These working relationships allow us to place you in an environment where you can apply knowledge gained in the classroom.

Here are just a few of the externships available to you depending on the program you choose:

Healthcare Externships and Practicums

You don’t need to worry about applying for a job as a Phlebotomist without ever having drawn someone’s blood. Some of our programs in the Healthcare industry offer an externship where you can practice your skills on patients in a medical office or hospital.

Legal & Protective Services Externships

Over the years we’ve built relationships with different types of businesses and organizations in the community. If you enroll in one of our Legal & Protective Services programs, you will be able to work with these organizations and learn to interact with witnesses, clients and even prisoners.

Beauty & Wellness Clinics

No matter which Beauty & Wellness program you choose, you will get hands-on practice in one of our on-site salons. You will have the opportunity to practice your techniques on real clients. You’ll gain valuable experience under the mentorship of an industry-experienced teacher.

How Do Externship Courses Work?

As you approach the time for your externship, you will meet with one of Miller-Motte’s Externship Coordinators. By then, you’ll have gained plenty of knowledge and skills needed to be successful in your externship. Together, you and your Externship Coordinator will determine which partner is the best fit with your interests and career goals.

After you begin your externship, you will submit a report once a week with your attendance, activities and learning. You will receive feedback on your performance at the midpoint and at the end of the externship. Your Externship Coordinator will make a scheduled visit at least once during your externship where you will receive additional feedback.

Start Your Program Today!

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*Externship courses are not available in every program.