What You’ll Learn in this CDL Driver Training Program

At Miller-Motte, we provide a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training to help you gain the knowledge and skills required to become a safe, successful member of the trucking industry.

You’ll learn from instructors who will teach you the following concepts and techniques you’ll need to know for your new career:

  • Pre-trip vehicle inspection
  • Safety measures
  • Basic maneuvers, such as straight-line backing, parallel parking and serpentine driving
  • Vehicle maintenance

In addition to the lecture and laboratory classes, our program includes 20 hours of on-road driving and 40 hours of observation to prepare you to meet the CDL license requirements. Select your campus below to learn more about our CDL Program:


*These schools are regulated as commercial motor carriers by the US DOT and their respective state agency: NCCCS, GADDS, SCDMV, THEC and VADMV.  It takes fewer than 300 hours to complete this program; therefore it is not eligible for Title IV funding.