Cosmetology Education and Training at Miller-Motte Technical College in Conway, South Carolina

If you like helping people with their make-up, or if friends and family come to you for help getting ready for special occasions, then Cosmetology education and training might be right for you.

You can turn your passion into a career at Miller-Motte Technical College in Conway, SC. Our Cosmetology program has been helping people from Conway and Carolina Forest to Loris and Myrtle Beach and Florence start successful careers doing what they love.

You can earn a Cosmetology Certificate from Miller-Motte Techncial College Conway in as little as 10 months. Our Cosmetology program will teach you how to become a successful Cosmetologist so you can have a satisfying career doing something you love.


We’ll help you every step of the way making enrolling simple and stress-free.


Projected job growth 2016 - 2026*


We provide our graduates with Career Assistance.

How to Become a Cosmetologist

Training in the field of Cosmetology will add to what you already know about doing nails and hair by teaching proper techniques. You’ll learn how to mix hair dyes and proper methods for cutting and styling hair. Our program will show you how to help people look their best while giving you hands-on experience in one of our on-site spas.

You will take the following courses:

  • Cosmetology Fundamentals: You will learn all you need to know about starting your new career in this series of three classes. Hair design and hair sculpting is just the beginning. You’ll also learn nail art and basic chemistry. 
  • Salon Experience: Our simulated salon setting will give you practice during your course work starting from basic all the way to advanced skills. 
  • State Board Preparation: You’ll prepare to be a state board certified Cosmetologist throughout your program. 

Becoming a licensed Cosmetologist means you’ll get to enjoy your hobby every day. Our program will teach you how to become the professional Cosmetologist you want to be. For more detailed information, download our Course Catalog.

How Your Cosmetology Education and Training Can Work for You

Once you complete your education and training to become a Cosmetologist you will be ready to sit for the state board certification exam. Once you complete your program, pass the test and become licensed, you’ll be ready to start your career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the need for Cosmetologists will increase by 13% by 2026.

Once you graduate and become licensed, you can have these career opportunities:

Manicurists and Pedicurists

You will provide the best foot and hand care for your clients. While working in a salon or spa, you will help people feel great as they prepare for special events. You’ll polish and shape nails, but you’ll also provide tips and advice on the latest nail designs and trends.


Meeting new people every day and helping build their self-confidence are just a few benefits you’ll enjoy as a Hairstylist. While working in a salon you will offer the latest advice and provide clients with information about at home hair care. 


Become a trendsetter by offering the latest styles and developing new ones. You will help refresh appearances and confidence by giving your clients advice about make-up application and hair removal. You can also perform wig-dressing services.

Miller-Motte Technical College Conway’s Cosmetology Training Can Get You Started in a New Career Today

You’ll get hands-on experience and inspiration from our instructors who are familiar with working in the beauty industry. Help others look and feel great once you complete your Certification. For more information click here or call us today at 800.705.9182.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2014-15 Edition, Manicurists and Pedicurists, on the Internet at